(Private Excursion min 2 people, max 8) 

<? alts(); ?>Discover the secret of traditional Spanish cooking the rustic Andalusian way, either as a meal or a selection of tapas. Our journey will begin at 10:00h and take you to a beautiful setting amidst the Ronda Mountains near Gaucin Village a mere hour away, where one of our chefs shall prepare 4 different Rustic dishes accompanied by popular red and white regional wines.

You will start by hand picking your ingredients from the nearby orchard and adjoining countryside and prepare everything with a full hands-on experience. (You cannot get more natural than that!)

In the eventuality of bad weather we will happily take you to the local Marbella market where you will select the products we shall be using in this afternoon’s cooking class and in the process why not take this opportunity to buy something for yourself?! In this class you will learn how to make 5 accompanying dishes and gain a greater understanding of how to use basic ingredients such as olive oil and spices the Spanish way. These will be skills one can implement at home to impress friends and family to a veritable treat and you shall be transformed into a true Mediterranean Chef!

The breathtaking scenery of the natural park and the insight into the secret of Spanish cooking will create a moment you will always treasure full of entertainment and plenty of unique experiences.

Estimated Duration: 6 hours.

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