(Private Excursion min 2 people, max 8)

<? alts();?>To speak of Jerez de La Frontera is to speak of it’s sherry wines which have formed an integral part of it’s culture, art forms and customs since 1100 BC, and with this in mind we wish to immerse you in its historical trademarks.

We will start the tour from the Cadiz area first stopping at the largest sherry cellar in Europe. Here you will be treated to a show of equestrian mastery from the Jerez Riding School (the progenitors of the world recognised Spanish Riding School in Vienna), followed by a detailed tour of the facilities. Sample the various sherry wines with some appetizers and learn the famous art of “Venenciar” – how to correctly pour the sherry into a glass. To end the visit you will have the opportunity to purchase any of the wines including their rarest Last Bottles at the bodega.

Following this unique experience you will be transported to the Puerto de Santa Maria (St. Mary’s Port) to one of the oldest restaurants in the Jerez area where you can eat some of the most exotic selective fish and seafood dishes freshly caught that very morning.

Jerez is one of Spains’s largest contributors of Andalucian culture on an international scale and this tour will bring the equestrian experience, seafood delights and sherry wines in unison for you to savour forever.

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