Mijas Pueblo (Private Excursion min 2 people, max 8)

<? alts();?>What better way to enjoy life than to sample the local foods and wine in style how the locals do. Here is your chance.

This half day excursion will consist of an introduction to wine tasting, explanation of the basic technique to discover the aroma and flavour of local and regional wines (white, rosé, red and dessert wines). Enjoy a selection of gourmet tapas accompanying the tasting and then after a brief tour of the village of Mijas, sit down in the heart of the village to enjoy some of the local tapas to conclude an evening that your senses shall never forget!

We shall proceed to the village centre to a typical tapas bar and experience the practice of “tapeo”. A clever formula that allows you to taste just about everything, not out of gluttony but culinary curiosity! As they say, variety is the spice of life and today you will become a wine and culinary connoisseur to boot.

A perfect way to conclude a perfect evening.

The tour includes tasting of selected wines accompanied by 3 designer tapas in the bodega and 3 tapas and 3 drinks in a local bar.


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